Our Exclusive Range of Floorings

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Decorative Quartz Flooring

Decorative quartz flooring consists of broadcasting colored quartz granules in a resin while it is wet. Sometimes, the quartz granules are blended with the epoxy resin instead of broadcasting them in the wet resin.


Terrazzo Flooring

Epoxy Terrazzo Flooring is a 100% solid, two component epoxy resin system consisting of resin, hardener, coloured EPI and decorative aggregates. Thicknesses range from 6mm to 9mm and provides outstanding durability and wear resistance.


Stain Concrete Floorings

Applying stain to a concrete floor can add beauty & depth to this hard wearing material, & make it even easier to maintain. It generates color through a chemical reaction. Stained Concrete like acid stains, water based stains (typically a blend of acrylic polymers and pigaments) penetrate the concrete to produce permanent color, ranging from translucent to opaque depending on the products

Services Offered

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Industrial Flooring & More

Cementitious Underlayment
Self Leveling Epoxy / PU Flooring
Chemical Resistant Flooring
Oil/Ware Resistant Flooring
Food Grade Flooring
ESD Flooring
Decorative Flooring
Car Deck Coatings
Concrete Densification
Polymer Concrete
Instant Pot Hole Repair Mortars
Construction Joint Sealers
Expansion Joint Sealers
Coving Mortars
Crack Bridging


Lift Wells
Water Retaining Structures
RCC Roofs & Sheet Roofs
Terrace Gardens
Retaining Walls
Crack Sealing
Expansion Joint filling

Corrosion Protection

Chemical Resistant Epoxy Mortar Lining & Coatings
Acid Proof Tile/Brick Lining
Mastic Lining
FRP Lining
Epoxy/ Vinyl Ester/ Polyester Glass Flake Coating
Heat Resistant Coating
Coal Tar Epoxy Coating

Tiling Solution

Hi-Traffic Tiling
Industrial Tiling
Swimming Pool Tiling
Clad Stone
Cool Roof SRI Tiling
Tile Adhesives & Grouts


Epoxy / PU Coatings
Cementitious Coatings
Heat Insulation Coatings
Antimicrobial Coating
Anti Carbonation Coating
Marine Coating
OEM Coating
Thermoplastic Line Marking
Epoxy / PU Line Marking / Signages

Restoration & Rehabilitation of Structures

Heritage Sites & Monuments
Religious Places
Old Buildings
Bridges & Flyovers

Sport and Recreation Surfaces

Air Cush Wooden Flooring
Sports Vinyl Flooring
Synthetic Acrylic Coating
Artificial Grass for Landscape & Sports Surfaces
ECO Rubber Flooring
PP Multi-Function Flooring
Pre-fabricated Running Track
EPDM Children's Play Area & Decking

Chemical Grout Injection

High Pressure Cement
Epoxy Grouting
PU Grouting
PU Foam Grouting to Structures